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Stadtbücherei Lippstadt Thomas-Valentin-Stadtbücherei

Contact Ulrike Weyrich
Street Fleischhauerstr. 2
City 59555 Lippstadt
Phone 02941/980240 oder 02941/980250
Country/State Nordrhein-Westfalen
"Wegweiser Kommune" Demography Type 6
Collection units per capita 0,9
User floor space in sqm per 1.000 capita 21
Employees per 1.000 capita 0,13
Computer workstations per 10.000 capita 1,4
Internet services 5
Events per 1.000 capita 1,4
Library Visits per capita 1,4
Virtual library visits per capita n/a
Loans per capita 3,8
Stock turnover rate 4,2
Total opening hours per year per 1.000 capita 24
Acquisitions budget per loan (in Euros) 0,32
Employee hours per opening hour 10,2
Visits per opening hour 57,3
Current expenditure per visit 8,90
Renewal rate (%) 9,0
Advanced training per employee (%) 0,1
Capital investment per capita 0,00
Basis data
Inhabitants 71.384
Total media collections (in media units) 65.633
Acquisitions (in media units) 5.939
User floor space in sqm 1.500
Total number of staff (in FTE) 9
Computer workstations 10
Website yes
Opac yes
Interactive account management yes
Electronic reference services yes
Electronic resources yes
Pro-active information services no
Web 2.0 services no
Virtual library visits (sessions) n/a
Library visits 98.983
Circulation (in media units) 273.901
Spending on media acquisition, incl. binding and licences (in euros) 88.107
Total opening hours per year 1.726
Current library expenditure (in euros) 880.708
Capital investments (in euros) 0
Employees’ advanced training (in hours) 21
Number of events 98
Registered (active) users 3.719
Computer workstations (web-enabled) 10
Total Number of libraries 1
Thereof number of branch libraries 0
Thereof number of mobile libraries 0
Employees’ overall hours (gross working time) per year 17.550
Opening hours per week (main library) 35,0
Library charge yes