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BIX indicators for public libraries

BIX uses standardized indicators that can be applied to and calculated for as many libraries as possible. They cannot, however, reflect local profiles, basic conditions or specialized services. This is an overview of the indicators used. A detailed description, including definitions, is available for download as pdf-file.

Basic reference for many indicators is the number of inhabitants of the community served.

Target dimension: services

  • Collection units per capita
  • User floor space in sqm per 1000 capita
  • Employees per 1000 capita
  • Computer workstations per 10.000 capita
  • Internet services
  • Events per 1000 capita

Target dimension: usage

  • Library Visits per capita
  • Virtual Library Visits per capita
  • Loans per capita
  • Stock turnover rate
  • Total Opening hours per year per 1000 capita
  • Number of service-points

Target dimension: efficiency

  • Acquisitions budget per loan (in Euros)*
  • Employee hours per opening hour*
  • Visits per opening hour
  • Current expenditure per visit*

* These indicators are ranked in reverse order (lowest value = "best" value)

Target Dimension: development

  • Renewal rate
  • Advanced training per employee
  • Capital investment per capita
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